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Wet metallurgy project mixing equipment passed acceptance
Time:2020-08-20 | Return

SEAN mixing equipment is widely used in Hydrometallurgical industries such as Electrolytic zinc and Electrolytic Manganese. The mixing equipment is mainly used in Slurry tank, Leaching tank, Purification tank, Thickener and so on. It is a key equipment of hydrometallurgy. The materials in contact with materials mainly adopt 316L, 904L and anti-corrosion technology.

Hydrometallurgy is a method that the ore, concentrate or other raw materials enriched by mineral processing contact with aqueous solution or other liquids, and transfer the useful metals contained in the raw materials into the liquid phase through chemical reactions, and then separate and enrich various useful metals contained in the liquid phase, and finally recover them in the form of metals or other compounds. It mainly includes leaching, liquid-solid separation, solution purification, metal extraction from solution and wastewater treatment.